14 Nov Founder

The Kids Network provides a sustainable, scalable, and effective solution to the twin problems of poverty and isolation by bringing an innovative approach to the volunteering sector. London’s transient nature and gentrification means that we have young, compassionate professionals living side by side with some of...

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30 Jan Volunteer Mentor

Start-up. Initial contact. English for Work is an initiative that will seek volunteer mentors worldwide to provide two hours per week and one day per quarter to mentor technical and academic high school students studying English in Spanish-speaking public schools in Costa Rica as a model...

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16 Dec Volunteer Mentor – Time Together

Time Together is an innovative volunteering programme, delivered by TimeBank in the West Midlands. Volunteers will be trained to mentor refugees and asylum seekers, and support them in working towards goals set by the mentee. The project aims to build community cohesion, reduce social isolation,...

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