Volunteer Abroad

Find your opportunity in Africa or Asia…

How it works

Choose from one week to six months, select where you want to go, when you want to start and whether you want to go in a group or as an individual and you could be volunteering on one of our programmes in a matter of weeks. We will support you through the entire process, from advice on getting your fundraising going, to your arrival in-country. Whichever route you take, we can promise you a rewarding experience that will make a real difference to you, the people you will work with and the community as a whole. We concentrate our work in urban centres, which means that you will have the opportunity to work in the powerhouses of the future, in countries where development is happening at such a fast pace it is almost before your eyes. As well as making a real contribution to the lives of people in developing countries, you will also change your own life forever.

How to apply

Pick from one of our projects

Decide when you want to go, what you want to do and for how long. Let us know if you are planning to apply as an individual or would like to travel as one of a group, please contact us for extra information on group programmes.

Ensure that you fulfill the criteria

For the placement, some of our programmes require you to undergo certain checks. Don’t worry our advisers are on hand to assist you through the process. Please also ensure that you have finalised your dates, flights and insurance, and that you have the funds to pay for the programme.

Apply using our application form

It’s easy to fill out and you can submit it online. We will verify your application within three days for standard programmes, ensuring that you are able to join the programme of your choice. Once you have been accepted, you will be contacted by one of our advisers who will work with you throughout the rest of the pre-departure process. Please note for some programmes including health and those that work with children, the verification process will take longer and you will be required to complete the relevant checks.

Submit your forms and payment details

Once you receive your acceptance letter, please sign it and return it with your volunteer waiver form and your reservation fee of £200. You can pay by Paypal, credit or debit card or certified bank cheque, we cannot accept cash or personal cheques. Once we have received and reviewed these items we will email you a confirmation letter plus all the necessary information to prepare you for your trip.

Review all the materials carefully

And then work closely with your volunteering for change adviser to ensure that you are fully prepared for your adventure, we can arrange webchat or skype briefings. Please look at our facebook page for additional information on our past volunteers.

For more information about our volunteering process please email us: ask@volunteeringforchange.org

The Volunteering Journey

We are an international volunteering organisation that creates bespoke volunteering opportunities for professionals. We know that when we bring talented people together amazing things happen. Our organisation makes it possible for people to volunteer and learn abroad, sharing their skills where they can have real impact, while at the same time enjoying the experience of a lifetime.

Why volunteer with us

We run high quality, effective programmes which can be anything from one week to six months depending on the project and how much time you have available. We run established programmes, with high quality partner organisations that are tailored to the needs of the local communities. We also ensure that our programmes are designed to give you the best volunteering opportunity possible.

Your volunteer journey

At Volunteering for change, we know that a successful placement depends on good preparation. When you sign up you will receive a comprehensive volunteer pack that outlines our training programme both pre-departure and when you arrive in-country. It covers everything from what food to expect, to tips on keeping safe, all designed to ensure that you have the best possible experience.

What to expect


For some of our programmes (those in health and working with children) evidence of formal qualifications and experience in the relevant area is required. Additionally volunteers will be required to provide a police background check. Without one you will not be permitted to join the programme.

Pre-departure briefing programme

Once you have registered for your trip, you will begin your comprehensive briefing programme, much of which can be completed online. We also have advisers who are available on Skype or by email throughout the process to give you any additional information that you might need.

Preparation for volunteering

You will receive written placement details and background to the organisation with which you will be working.

Along with this you will receive a link to your security briefing film.

One-to-one skype call

One-to-one skype call with your Volunteering for change adviser, to ensure that you have everything that you need pre-departure. We also advise you to take advantage of our language modules to give you a basic understanding of simple phrases. (English is spoken in all countries in which we work).

On arrival

You will be met by a Volunteering for Change representative. They will escort you to your accommodation and will put you in direct contact with your placement organisation. They will be your main representative during your trip and will be on hand to assist you with any issues during your stay. You will attend an orientation session on arrival, to introduce you to your local area, your placement and give you the opportunity to meet other volunteers.